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Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal in Detroit

Detroit Water Damage Restoration

If you are in need of any type of Water Damage Restoration in Detroit, Water Mold Fire Restoration will perform beyond any of your expectations. Our expert crews are equipped with state of the are equipment to get your property dry faster than you ever thought possible. We are also the top mold removal company in Boston. Unfortunately the two problems go hand in hand so we deal with indoor growth on a regular basis.

Water Damage Restoration Detroit

If this is your first experience with a Detroit Water Damage, you may have a lot of questions. No matter what caused your need for our mitigation services we go through certain procedures in order to determine what needs to be done. Every situation is a little different but in general here is what we will do on an initial inspection.

  • Evaluating potential health and safety hazards
  • Find the Source of Water
  • What is the Extent of the Water Intrusion
  • What Needs to be Done from Start to Finish
  • Evaluate Flooring
  • Inventory All Contents
  • Check the HVAC System
  • Assess Structural Damage (Walls, Ceilings, etc.);
  • Establishing Drying Goals.

Water Damage Detroit

At this point we present our plan for Detroit Water Damage Restoration to the client. Typically if our company comes out to a property it is to perform work. If you place a call to our office, you will be asked a series of questions to establish whether or not we are the right company for the job. Each of our appointment setters can provide a general pricing based on your description or pictures of damage. If the job is being paid out of pocket we’ll need a 50% down payment to get started. The remaining is due upon completion of the work.

Water Damage Detroit

If you are submitting a claim through your insurance provider, we can handle it from start to finish and make sure you get the monies you are owed. Insurance companies do not expect estimates for Water Damage Restoration in Detroit. Estimates take time that is not available and will likely cause even more damage. Our staff is well trained in billing insurance exactly how they expect.

Detroit Mold Removal

Wherever there is water and moisture, it is extremely likely that you will experience the need for some type of Detroit Mold Removal. Living in an environment with elevated levels of mold can cause some serious problems, it is not something that should be taken lightly. However, there is a big difference between normal amounts of mold growth and a mold problem. So how do you tell the difference between something that is normal and a situation where a restoration company like WMF should be brought in?

Detroit Mold Removal

Some normal mold growth that is of little to no cause of alarm include growth on non-porous materials like porcelain, tile, and marble. Unless it is a by product of a larger problem, these materials lack organic nutrients for fungus to feed off of and colonize. A little bit of mold on sinks, tubs, and vents is very normal and likely nothing to worry about. On the flip side of things if you see visible growth on wood, drywall, or any personal belongings there is likely something that needs to be addressed.

Dealing with a mold issue is not of the same urgency as a water damage. While it is important to handle these types of situations an extra day or so is not going to make much difference. With that being said, we will most likely ask you to provide pictures of the property if at all possible. This will allow us to see what you are seeing and if there does appear to be a problem, we can offer some ballpark pricing for our Detroit mold remediation services. Here is a general step by step breakdown of what we do.

Mold Remediation Detroit

 Steps for Detroit Mold Remediation

  1. Create a Temporary Containment or Vacate the Premises During Work
  2. Full Protective Gear Worn by all Workers
  3. A HEPA filter venting dirty place outside (Negative Pressure)
  4. Safe Removal of Dirty Stuff
  5. HEPA Vacuum Entire Contaminated Region
  6. Use Anti-Microbial Sealants and Solutions
  7. Restore Damage Items (If Possible)
  8. Atmosphere Scrubbers to Remove Excess Spores
  9. Methodical HVAC / Air Duct Cleaning
  10. Reconstruction

Simply the Best Restoration Company in Detroit!

So whether you need Detroit Water Damage Restoration or Mold Removal, WMF is the company to call. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with every aspect of our service and will go above and beyond your expectations. Hopefully you’ll give us the chance to turn your problem into a positive experience with a service provider. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please give us a call at 617-701-7868.

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